General information about our education

The school has approximately 550 students between the ages of 14 and 19.

Those students who attend the secondary technical classes receive both general and professional education. They can specialize in three different fields: engineering, environmental protection and information technology. At the end of the 4th year they have to take the final exam which consists of five compulsory subjects: Hungarian Grammar and Literature, History, Mathematics, a foreign language (English or German) and the special subject (engineering, environmental protection or information technology) they have chosen.

Students involved in vocational education are trained as welders or computer mechanics and maintainers. Their training lasts for three years and at the end of the third year they have to take a special examination to get the qualification.

Our school also receive deaf and hard-of-hearing students and adults. They are educated in small groups, in accordance with the curriculum of secondary technical education. They are prepared for the final exam and they specialise in IT.