About us

Welcome to Eötvös Loránd Secondary Technical and Vocational School’s website. We hope it provides a helpful and informative introduction to the institution.

Our school is situated in the 20th district of Budapest called Pesterzsébet. It is located in the southern part of the capital city, and it is in the suburban area on the bank of the Small-Danube.

The school building mellowed by age stands in the centre of the district, behind there is a park called Square of Commemoration providing a quiet and peaceful environment. In the three-storey historic building modern and well equipped laboratories, workshops and IT labs support optimal learning environment for the students. In many classrooms interactive boards help to make the lessons more interesting and motivating. In the school library students and teachers have access to a wide variety of resources and serves as a place for them to do independent work.

Our school is an exciting and lively learning environment, also a friendly and intimate community. The dedication of the first graders, the cultural events in autumn, Christmas Fair, Carnival competitions, Eötvös-day events are features of Eötvös School’s life.